Marc Loeliger is an Average Athleeet. He likes to run – he finishes middle of the pack. He likes to ride, both on-road and off-road – he finishes middle of the pack. He swims when he has to i.e when training or competing in a triathlon – he finishes middle of the pack.

I am aspiring to finish better than middle of the pack, before I get too old.

Work, family, and general life all compete for time spent on the bike, running, or swimming, so training sessions currently are usually after the kids are in bed i.e 7pm, and longer ones on weekends (when leave passes have been negotiated).

My current goal is to complete an Ironman, with IM Melbourne 2014 in the sights. There are a few smaller goals along the way. Namely:
– Sandringham Olympic Distance Triathlon on 3rd February 2013: 1500m/40km/10km (will be the second time doing this event)
– Otway Odyssey mountain bike race on 16th February 2013; 100km around the trails of Forrest Vic. (will be the third time doing this event)
– Xterra Anglesea offroad triathlon on 7 April 2013; 1000m/26km/10km
– Great Ocean Rd Marathon on 19th May 2013; 45km run (first attempt after entering in 2012 but unable to compete due to knee injury)

Follow mine and other Average Athleeets stories as we train and race in order to avoid midlife crisis (or maybe that’s what this already is….)