While others may have been out and about at a xmas party, or family gathering if you will, I went out for a run. The plan was simple: go out for a relaxed 6km-ish at a easy-moderate pace, down High Street, turn left onto Westgarth, turn left again near the train crossing and straight up north back to home.

With ‘Strava Lady’ giving me kilometer pace updates, I cruised through km1 at 4.43min/km. Km2 came and went at 4.14. Hmm I thought, that was a fair bit quicker, without really trying, and considering half of it was up the High Street rise up to Ruckers Hill Northcote….maybe I’ll keep going like this and maybe get a PR (Personal Record) for 5km on Strava!

Km3, so far so good: 4.13. Now comes ever slow slight uphill run back home.

Km4: 4.12! Cmmmon you Average Athleeet – maybe you’re slighty better than average!

Km5: 4.23; legs fatiguing, solid sweating, Strava Lady confirms a 5km run of 22.08min – a PR I found out when I get back home and review the data.

(Km6: 6.11; stopped for some water, and to watch the Xmas Carols by Candlelight shenanigans for a minute at All Nations Park in Northcote, then slowly jogged home)

So a 5km PR – nice, and with an easy Km1! Label me satisfied. Now, was this better than having a couple of beers with some other Average Athleeets and generally being festive? I don’t know, but it was certainly better than sitting on the couch.