Definition of an Average Athleeet: a moderately physically fit person, who aspires to improve their athletic/sporting ability to finish at least marginally better than middle of the road in their chosen sport or event.

Forrest mountain bike ride: 9th December 2012: 57km, 1250m elevation: with The Tav and Weirdog

The day started at 5.45am for me, waking before the alarm set for 6am….blah blah etc etc.

A false start in the car after picking up Tav (yes you do need your cycling shoes Tav, “orrh sorry guys be’d better do a U-turn off the freeway.) Thankfully only cost us 15-20min or so.

The weather was PERFECT!!! The trails were in pretty much mint condition, yeah as weiry said so many logs to get over there – I keep forgetting about that -certainly does tire you out a bit (especially during a 100km race!!).

Was great though – The Tav is a beast on a bike. When he puts the hammer down, the choice is either to get out of his way or try to hang on, coz he aint stoppin for no-one, unless that person is named Mr Log with a drop after it, who managed not only to stop him, but send him flying through the air. Very funny to watch from behind.

Anyway I managed to stick with him on the flowy stuff, beat him through the techy tight stuff, outlast him on the climbs (he went hard early and slowed after a while), and smash him on the downhills. Generally I felt pretty good, legs were good. Technically took me a while to get going but yeah was happy (and glad I didn’t ride with Tav just after the cape to cape coz think he woulda done me like a dogs dinner!)

We parked the car in town, rode out to Yaugher trails (and a bit of a heart starter once at yaugher road up the side), rode most of the trails out there. Returned to town and had a steak sanga at the brewery – v nice, but exe. Then rode the sth of town stuff, which is sooooo much fun I reckon – it’s either steep up or steep down, wag the dog or whatever is just super fun. Then climbed up no.2 trail to the top, which is a beaut ride in itself really, and then let it rip down Red Carpet. I pretty much let it all hang out, riding right on the edge of sanity and ability, got to the bottom knackered, but had beaten Tav by 2min and Weiry by a reasonable bit.

Choco milk and a coke at the general store, highway home – all said and done, another great day with a coupla mates on a bike. Reminds me of how much fun mtbing is though, and it still does a day on the roady most times. The only thing is you only get in conversations with the other riders when you’re stopped, whereas on the roady you can talk most of the way (except when spent up some mountain), but guess it means it’s great that we all enjoy both forms of cycling.

Sweeet action.